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A person sits on the corner of a tent platform looking at a lake in the distance. (Croteau Lake, Strathcona Park)

BC Parks Visitor Satisfaction Survey

Privacy Statement

This information is collected by BC Parks under the authority of section 26(c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and is protected by the privacy provisions of that Act. Your participation is voluntary; if there are any questions you would prefer not to answer, feel free to skip them. Answers will be combined with others to prepare statistical reports. If you have any questions about the collection of this information, please contact BC Parks:


How often do you visit B.C.'s provincial parks?

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We'd like to hear about visitor experiences in 2024. Please answer based on your most recent park visit between January 2024-present.

What was the main purpose of your visit to this park?

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When was your visit to the park?

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Select which month in 2024 you visited the park.

What activities did you participate in during your visit to the park? Select all that apply:

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If you were by yourself, enter "1"

What ages were the people in your group? Select all that apply:

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How did you get to the park?

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Did you or anyone in your group have physical accessibility requirements (e.g., a physical condition that impacts mobility, vision, hearing, cognition or requires the use of an aid such a stroller, wheelchair, cane or walker)? 

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BC Parks has a commitment to inclusion with a vision of making provincial parks welcoming and meaningfully accessible to all. Did you feel that the park was a welcoming, inclusive, safe and meaningfully accessible space?

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How satisfied or dissatisfied were you, overall, with your recent visit to this provincial park?

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On a scale of 0-10, how likely is it that you would recommend this park to a family member or friend?

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Electrical hook-ups in campsites
Full-service RV campsites (water, sewer, and electric)
Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations
Flush toilets/ showers
Pit toilets (in backcountry and marine parks)
Cabin/ yurt rentals
Tent platforms
Cycling trails (hard surface)
Mountain biking trails
Canoe, kayak, or SUP rentals
Convenience/ souvenir store
Food truck
Café/ restaurant
Universally accessible boardwalk and trails
Interpretive and educational programs
Information boards and/or interpretive signs (natural, cultural, etc)
Wireless internet access (Wi-Fi)
Mooring buoys
Stern ties

BC Parks are for everyone! We would appreciate you taking the time to tell us more about yourself.


Do you consider yourself (or anyone in your group) to be a newcomer to Canada?

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Where do you live?

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What is your age?

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Which of the following best describes you? Select all that apply:

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I identify as...

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How did you hear about the BC Parks Visitor Satisfaction Survey?

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Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey! We appreciate your feedback.